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everything you see around you, was either
invented or discovered by someone in some part of this world and without
these inventions and discoveries our world would not have been the one we
witness today and while the mainstream media actively highlights only one side
of the story like nearly half of Indians living in India don’t have access to
toilets they shy away from highlighting the flipside which is the fact that
Indians were the ones who invented toilets in the first place yes you heard
it right Indians invented toilet 3,000 years
before Christ so stay tuned till the end to know more about other such prominent
Indian inventions and discoveries the first one on the list is the ancient
Indian timekeeping incense clock it was the earliest timekeeping device used to
measure minutes hours or days incense clocks were commonly used at homes and
temples in dynastic times the Chinese highly debate its origins and credit
themselves for its invention but when Sir Edward Shafer found traditional
Indian carvings on them instead of ancient Chinese characters the credit of
its invention was given to India the Chinese till this day proudly credit
themselves as the sole inventor of incense clock even though evidence
proved it to be an Indian invention the next one on the list are rulers and
weighing scale both weighing scale and ruler originated in the Indus Valley
Civilisation the earliest evidence for the existence of weighing scale dates to
1800 BC prior to which no banking was performed due to lack of scales rulers
on the other hand were made from ivory and calibrated with an accuracy of about
1/16 of an inch or less than two millimeters and were marked out in
decimal subdivisions this leads us to the next invention which is the decimal
number system the decimal number system has its roots in the Hindu number system
which was developed in the Indian subcontinent between the 1st and 6th
century CE and thus this also leads to practice of using the decimal mark which
also originated with the invention of the decimal number system talking about
the number system the invention of the number zero is also credited to Indians
Indians were also the ones who invented negative numbers and thus
correspondingly the invention of the law of signs with regards to the
multiplication of positive and negative numbers even here the Chinese credit
themselves for the invention of negative numbers but there is no evidence
whatsoever regarding the usage of negative numbers in Chinese texts on the
flip side there is evidence that Indians actively used negative numbers
especially in the calculation of debt and interest Indians also had proper
laws regarding mathematical operations between negative and positive numbers or
between negative numbers themselves apart from these Indians also own the
credit of inventing trigonometric and quadratic equations moving on from
mathematics to medicine ancient India also boasts of a Ayurveda
which in an internationalized form can be thought of as a complementary and
alternative medicine a Ayurveda has its origins in 1st millennium BCE and having
evolved for over thousands of years is still practiced today not only medicine
Indians were also the first ones to perform complicated and delicate
surgeries prime example of which is the cataract surgery which was first
performed in India in third century CE another pioneering advancement in
medical science came when Indians invented plastic surgery which was being
carried out in India since 2,000 BCE the knowledge of herbs and mastery in
medicine also led Indians to invent the modern day shampoo the first use of
shampoo dates back to the 17th century AD the first of its kind was made up of
a variety of herbs and their extracts later when the British arrived in India
they took its recipe to Europe where it became an instant success and that’s how
the world got its first shampoo but the cleansing of body is incomplete
without cleansing your soul so Indians also invented yoga which has now become
world famous as a trendy fitness exercise for physical well-being
moving on to space and astronomy gravity was first identified by Aryabhata
as a force to explain why objects do not fall when the Earth rotates Brahmagupta
described gravity as an attractive force aryabhata was also the first one to
develop a geocentric solar system of gravitation and an eccentric elliptical
model of the planets where the planets spin on their axes and follow elliptical
orbits and the moon revolving around the earth in epicycles he was also the first
one to describe planets as a spherical body the Hindu cosmological time cycles
in 600 CE gave the first accurate length of the sidereal year which was later
found to be off by just 1.4 seconds from the modern Sidereal year
apart from these Indians also gave the world rockets and missile technology as
the first iron cased and metal cylinder Rockets were developed by the ruler of
Mysore in 17th century AD he fired world’s first missiles on the advancing
British troops but his eventual defeat led to the confiscation of his rockets
which later played an influential role in British rocket development inspiring
the Congreve rockets of the British but one of the most recent and prominent
discoveries remains the discovery of water on the moon in 2009 the moon
impact probe onboard Indian lunar spacecraft successfully found
incontrovertible evidence of water on the moon
coming back to earth Indians also hold the credit of discovering and mining
diamonds and other metals like zinc India remained the world’s only source
of diamonds until the discovery of diamonds in Brazil in the 18th century
India also remained the only source of cotton till it was discovered in other
parts of the world as cotton cultivation was invented by the people of the Indus
Valley Civilisation in 3000 BCE who soon also realized that they needed something
to hold their cotton clothes together and so they invented buttons as well all
work and no play makes Jack a dull boy we all know these lines very well but it
seems like Indians were among the first ones to know the underlying moral behind
them and thus Indians have invented many well-known games like chess Kabaddi Ludo
suits and snakes and ladders some of them find their origins as early as 280
CE detailed documentation and careful preservation of these documents are the
reason why we know about these ancient inventions and discoveries and thus to
achieve this indians also invented the ink popularly known as india ink the
carbon pigment ink has been used in india since at least the 4th century BCE
other prominent inventions and discoveries made by Indians include
binary code wireless communication and fiber optics binary numbers were first
described by Pingala in 200 BC Pingala is the traditional name of the author of
the Shan destra the earliest known Sanskrit treatise on prosody the first
public demonstration of radio waves for communication was made by sir Jagadish
Chandra Bose in the 18th century two years prior to Marconi similar
demonstration in England named as one of the seven unsung heroes by Fortune
magazine dr. Narendra Singh Kapany is widely
recognized as the father of fiber optics for his pioneering work in fiber optics
technology the list does not end here there are a lot more Indian inventions
and discoveries which we could not cover in this video
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