【文冬】360度玻璃屋 | 360度观景台 | 一望无际的绿色海洋就在美律岭民宿(榴莲园民宿) Bilut HIlls Resort(Bentong)

【文冬】360度玻璃屋 | 360度观景台 | 一望无际的绿色海洋就在美律岭民宿(榴莲园民宿) Bilut HIlls Resort(Bentong)

Two Days and One Night Bilut Hills Resort Mark: “Mom, why have we lived in the woods for the past two days?” Grace: “Brother, when you travel, don’t do a vacuum cleaner. Get close to nature and enjoy the natural oxygen bar! ” After leaving the cottage valley, We drove to the Bilut HIlls Resort. On the way, you need to pass through an oil palm plantation and a section of gravel road. Only a few minutes drive away, I arrived at my destination. Grace: “It’s so strict here, The security guard must check the identity before he can enter. ” Mark: “This is good, so it’s safe. When the parents are taking a nap, we are free to move. (Mom: “I don’t take a nap every day.) Bilut HIlls Resort Located in Pahang and Bentong Between the roads of Raub and Raub. It is a small hill hidden in the oil palm garden. A beautiful, suffocating homestay. Like us who baptize in nature, For the homestay in the woods, there is a feeling of childlikeness. Immerse yourself in the oxygen bar of nature, Relax and live a carefree day. Upon arrival, we locked our glass house with a 360° view. We walked involuntarily. Standing in a glass house with walls that are not separated from the wild, The beauty of nature is unobstructed. There is an affinity that integrates heaven, earth, and people. Put people in the illusion of dreams and dreams. Grace: “Mom, change clothes or sleep in this glass house. Not being seen by anyone? ” Mark: “Sister, you change clothes or sleep at home, Did you put down the curtains? In addition to the glass house, there are other differently designed suites. And tonight, we live in a white house (colonial twin). The waiter led us to the room. Grace: “I am a good helper for my mother. I am helping my mother to pull my luggage.” (Grace Shinji) (Where did Mark go?) Mark: “There are a lot of durians here. I just went to see if there is any durian that can be given to my mother. “(The mouth is really sweet, my mother’s heart is sweeter.) Mark: “I have help too!” Mark: “I have helped move my luggage from outside the house to the room.” (also help!) It’s just that my mother didn’t shoot me. ” White House – Colonial Twin Open the door and place two white double beds in front of you. clean(**) The walls are all white, There are also some very chic decorations in the room. Shows the unique simplicity, Light and elegant, with its unique style. It feels warm and comfortable. Mark: “Mom, I think you are tired too. It’s better to have a nap with your father. “(Inside is there?) Mark: “My sister and I are having fun at the event center. It’s safe here, you don’t have to worry about us. ” The answer was finally revealed. Mark and Grace have been playing video games for a long time. (focus: free) A great opportunity for a lifetime is a good time to play. Christy, Sui and Peak stayed in Kuala Lumpur for a while. And I went back to the room to rest. Mark and Grace continue to have fun at the event center. Mark: “In normal times, we rarely have the chance to play video games. (Work hard to explain) My mother has enough time to take a nap. “) (once) Playing with rabbits After taking a nap, we took Mark and Grace. Go hiking to the rabbit garden to have fun. Grace: “It seems like a fairy tale world. We played with the rabbit in the big cage. ” Grace: “The rabbit bounces, a fern, a fern, Every one of them is embarrassing and cute. ” Mark: “Touching their hair, It feels like a soft cotton, very comfortable. ” Visit Durian Garden It was originally a durian garden covering nearly 10 acres. It was later turned into the current Bilut Hills Resort. It also retains a lot of durian trees. All kinds of organic durian trees without pesticides are planted here. Mainly based on the Cat Mountain King and D24. This is the season of durian fragrance, It is also a good time to visit the Durian Garden. Grace: “I can touch the durian on the tree when I reach out.” Durian fragrance Can’t you just go to the durian garden instead of durian? Plus, as soon as you step into the restaurant, you will smell the durian. It is mouth watering. We pick the best one, open it on the spot and eat it on the spot. Grace: “This durian machine is special, It’s easy to open a durian. ” Mark: “Mom, let’s buy one home!” (This is not a toy!) The price of durian here is different every day. But the owner of the hotel guarantees that it is pure organic pesticide-free durian. The waiter said that the taste of the cat mountain king is stronger than the D24. So eat D24 and eat Cat Mountain. Guess, which one is the core of Maoshan Wang? Which one is the core of the D24? The cat king meat is thick and small, so the seeds are flat. The most fascinating thing here is not just the smell of durian. There is also a 360° view and endless woods. Standing on the observation deck, the bird’s eye view, the scenery is extremely spectacular and beautiful. Green, green, green, green, oil filter, It seems to be a green ocean. Beautiful. Playing billiard In the evening, we played pool games in the game room. (focus: free) Husband seriously taught Mark and Grace a few moves. They can’t wait to pick up the club. It’s like “scraping” and “scraping” {up. Singing karaoke Mark holds the microphone, (focus on “Karaoke room free” With the melody of music, singing and dancing. Look at Mark’s intoxicating look. Is it a model of a singer? in fact. . . The truth is this. . . What are you singing? A chaos. . . Mark: “Although I don’t have the talent to sing, However, there is definitely the potential for performance. ” Leisure Chess (Marble) Carrom Board We are divided into two groups of competitions. I am with Mark, a husband and a group of Grace. Finally, we only lost one game to each other. Although defeated and glory. Mark: “Sneakly tell you, Mom secretly took away a few pieces. Otherwise we have already lost ground. ” good night a breezy night, Step into the quiet Bilut HIlls Resort. As if I have become a tree, It rustles with the surrounding trees. The night is getting thicker, Sleepy, good night. Cloud sea The glory of sunrise, just a creation of the sun. It is a pity that there are so many clouds today that I can’t see the sunrise. Several mountains in the distance are looming in the sea of ​​clouds. Like a charming fairy, wearing a gauze in the wind. Breakfast + great view really can not believe it, It can be located in Bentong, not far from Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy breakfast while enjoying the view. Let the mood of eating breakfast become beautiful. Hi, everyone, I am Elaine Teh Yu Ling. Thank you for watching the Vlog of my travel. Mark and Grace are my pair of dragons. Like my channel, please give me a thumbs up, Subscribe and open small bells. My channel is sharing parent-child travel, parent-child activities, The education and life of the children is bit by bit. You are also welcome to share my channel with friends around you. If you have any questions, please leave a message below the video. This three-day, two-night winter trip, On the first night, we lived in the cottage valley; The second night was at the Bilut HIlls Resort. I have written about the blog post in Wendong. Want to know where there is fun in Wendong, delicious? I have linked the URL below. Interested friends, you can go and see. We are going to hurry back to Kuala Lumpur now. Mark and Grace have classes at noon! The next episode will take you to Broga for camping. Please continue to track. Goodbye!

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