✔ Minecraft: How to make a Giant Chess Set

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Giant Chess Set

How to make a giant chess set Start off by digging an 8x8x1 hole. You can of course use the plants of your likings to decorate your chess pieces. Open the chest to watch another sporty video!

92 thoughts on “✔ Minecraft: How to make a Giant Chess Set

  1. This is a good build, but I just have one thing to ask, how do you know which pieces are white and which are black?

  2. U are amazing man, u make awesome videos that helped me build my city, I like all the buses and car and bench etc. u are awesome, I hope you get subscribers like PewDiePie. 🙂

  3. I would have used saplings and cactus on one side, so you can actually see which side is black and which one is white

  4. Please build bigger things like a space station or a large house. You could build these buildings every month, but please do it.

  5. the only issue with this is that you cannot distinguish the different players peices. You would need to use different plants for each side. Great idea though.

  6. Magma i like how u make it in survival and that u use iron tools 😀

    I also like that instead of talking u put text 🙂

  7. A great build as always, I like the addition of flowers as the chess pieces! I recommend using obsidian and nether quartz instead of the clay, but thats a bit more resource heavy and just a preference of mine. Keep up the good work, I love adding your creations into my worlds.

  8. Magma your videos are amazong and extremely inspiring 🙂 but may i ask? Can you please do some more redstone things? 🙂 would be appreciated.

  9. You could have used coal blocks instead of black clay and quartz blocks for white since the stained clay colors are kind of off. Just sayin'

  10. one flaw. it's a good decoration piece, but not very practical for play. both sides look exactly the same. how do you tell the difference between both sides?

  11. nice job with the idea. but you have a problem with that chess set. the color of the pieces are the same for each side.

  12. i would rather use coal blocks and quartz cuz it looks like its dirty >.<
    wait.. looks more like fnaf, not dirty.

  13. Use oak saplings for the king, they look like the crown on the chess piece.

  14. Use blue orchids for the horses, they look kinda like a horse's silhouette.

  15. Use poppies for the bishop. Poppies are slightly slanting and so they will look like the bishop's top in the game.

  16. White stained clay doesn't look white (that's why people [YouTubers] use it in build battle when building a noun)

  17. How to make regular chess set:1amor stand one block into ground.2place chain helmet 3push black block onto helmet using piston. DONE.

  18. I have no idea how to play chess so I'll just use mine for checkers instead. Thank you for the idea, Magma~!

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