✔ Minecraft: How to make a Chess Table

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Chess Table

How to make a Chess Table It’s time for another little idea! I’m going to show you two different designs. Make sure the armor stand is looking as straight forward as possible! :] Now we just need to push a block down on top of the armor stand. I was inspired by reddit-user ShaneH7646 when I designed this! This is probably one of the simplest way to make one. Now for the second design! Make sure to remove the extended piston before breaking the redstone block! :] If you don’t, the armor stand will jump up through the block as well as the piston.. You can also add another fun detail, chess pieces! I found melon- and pumpkin seeds to be the items that best fit the role! You could store them in a chest near the table.. ..or place them in the item frames! Looking good! Add chairs around the tables to make it more obvious that it’s chess tables. Who plays standing anyways? Giant Chess Set! Thank you to Ben55 for supporting this video! If you want to support me next video see how in the description! It’s free! :] You can now get Merchandize For all ages and genders, all around the world! Click to learn!

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  1. 4:16 beware of that rabbit…..you may know this,if you watched alan becker's stickman minecraft animation episode called "TnT Land"

  2. Hy!My name is Pig.I love Minecraft!MagmaMusen very nice!!|Translate Russia:Привет!Моё имя Свин.Я люблю Майнкрафт!МагмаМюзен очень хороший!!

  3. 2:13 that rabbit wants to be loved on but magmamusen didnt notice it
    1 like = 1 rabbit lover
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  4. Couldn’t u, I don’t know, put the white pressure plate on the wood block making it look better? U could also put the oak pressure plate on the white block cus that looks a little better?

  5. I don't mean to be rude but that music is the reason I always play Minecraft without any music on at all especially when I'm by myself because I always get creeped out and start panicking whenever I hear a little sound like a stick that breaks or a little creek in the floor so if you could like edit the video so it has like music that you listen to that isn't so creepy be cool once again I'm not trying to be rude I'm just saying

  6. I was wondering how you could possibly make a checkerboard in minecraft but when i saw the chain helmet and armor stand in your inventory i was blown away

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