♟️Heroes Evolved – New Auto Chess Mode | Silver Rank | Ranked Gameplay

♟️Heroes Evolved – New Auto Chess Mode | Silver Rank | Ranked Gameplay

Welcome back to the channel guys! This new mode is pretty fun to play and get some rewards Definitely better than adventure mode, as its more of a skill based game just like the moba so basically you just form a strong team based on the combos you like (everyone’s is equal) And then fight enemies and minions up while building the best team to win the rank game and get rewards so just to emphasize again, its f2p and no amount of tokens can make you a better player, plus you get rewards! for starters, you need 1 star to make a 2 star & three 2 stars to make a 3 star hero The heroes appearances are totally random though so get a base of strong heroes and then build according to what you have 🙂 Do stick around to see how i play, it will help you out if you just started Also smash the like button and share if you wanna see more of this videos 🙂 if the likes hit 500 i’ll do a 2 hour livestream of this new mode 😉 The choice is yours 😉 Have a awesome day guys 😀

15 thoughts on “♟️Heroes Evolved – New Auto Chess Mode | Silver Rank | Ranked Gameplay

  1. Nah….sorry Nixar even auto chess HE cant bring me back to this game,i just got dissapointed so much everytime they do an patch update it always happen to me.yeah i told you the reason why back on that day got back to HE.it'll be honor for me if that was comin true but.srry im dissapointed you…i'll not comeback.but i promise im here to stay and watching you as always! (yeah…srry too bout yesterday im late i got back from school,play games till morning and you upload when i fell asleep!😅)

  2. Yesterday I played it and what I dont like is that in this gamemode u need to be lucky to get the heroes u want. Just the luckiest one who knows how to do a simple combo wins

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