♚ How Life Imitates Chess-Interview With Garry Kasparov

♚ How Life Imitates Chess-Interview With Garry Kasparov


82 thoughts on “♚ How Life Imitates Chess-Interview With Garry Kasparov

  1. Hi Jerry, love your videos.

    It's fun to listen to Garry admit mistakes, reminisce, and answer thoughtfully. I find myself becoming an even bigger fan.

    For some funny reason, as the interview went on, I found the woman interviewer increasingly attractive.

  2. noone religious can laim to be an interlectual, smart people dont believe improbable things without evidence !

  3. Kasparov's reasoning at the end is insufficient. The reason it is difficult for a common person to name a female painter has nothing to do with the number of quality female painters there were in the history of Art. If women in Picasso's heyday couldn't even vote, what might their chances be of becoming a renowned artist? It isn't surprising to see Judith Leyster paintings attributed to Frans Hals; or Artemisia Gentileschi paintings attributed to her father. Is Kasparov really this blind?

  4. i totally agree bobby fischer was the best ever. he strived for the truth on and off the chessboard.

  5. also when Kasparov said : Bobby Fischer destroyed his own legend (which ofc wasnt true) he ofc said it because he wanted to stop bobby playing.
    I mean what interest could he have? was he so materialistic afraid of his money or was it just that he really feared bobby fischer??

    that was so low.

  6. Do you see the contradiction? First he says a 12 year can because the use of Database know more than Bobby Fischer, then says when it comes to his own person : "its an illusion that the computer can give every answer""

    I mean if the computer cant give every answer, how can the kids know more than bobby???

  7. pitty he misunderstood the question, i really would like to know what value chess has today in russia compared to the west.

  8. oh god Kasparov killed classical chess. who where the chessmasters who said it was prostitution?? i want to keep them in my mind as honorable persons.

  9. but besides that it was still interesting to listen to Kasparov, after all he was still the second best player ever after Bobby Fischer.

  10. man this opened my eyes. Msybe become a Kasparov fan too. I still wish he would honor Fischer more. But wow Kasparov is really cool in all other ways….

  11. Good question and the answer is known. Kasparov wanted the match to end beacuse of the score and Karpov wanted it to end because he was exasted. They had Karpov on meth to keep him going and he was at his limit. Both complain about it ,but neither really objected much at the time.

  12. You said it yourself, and i quote: "If women in Picasso's heyday couldn't even vote, what might their chances be of becoming a renowned artist?" There where, in fact, few renowned female painters in the history of art, and that has nothing to to with there human potencial to become masters at that discipline, but with the adverse social conditioning of the time… I hate when people swap from defending genre equality to radical and absurd sexism, it's so implicit in your speech!

  13. Garry was clowning Anand and his lack luster time of being World Champion. I would have to say that I agree. More people know who Carlsen is than Anand unfortunately. I don't think it's entirely Anand's fault. Carlsen winning and being the champion wont help chess flourish either. Chess needs something bigger to attach itself with, like Kaspy was saying how politics was involved with Fischer vs Spassky, and Karpov vs Kaspy.

  14. Carlsen, unlike Anand, has been playing more frequently. There was a recent video in youtube about a game between Carlsen and Anand where Anad's position looked poor. They're supposed to play for the title in December 2013 (IIRC). I look forward to it. I think it's very likely that Carlsen will win. Also, "better" is not determined by who has the title when you talk about someone that has not yet had the chance to prove himself against him. Also, Carlsen's rating is higher than Anand's.

  15. It has been one of the most interesting reflections I have heard about Chess in the bigger context of our current society….

  16. We know many great players never won world title.Its matter of time and skill.Kasparov is the greatest champ in that regard.He himself lost the last game agaist dying Tal.

    Carlsen is great player no doubt in that.But he didnt win all the tournaments.But I agree it looks he may rule the future of chess.

    Its unfair to compare to Carlsen and Anand.since Anand is at his end part of his career.Now there is a chance for Carlsen to prove.The stonger will win.

  17. I agree with you that his criticism towards Anand is not justified, they are also not the best of friends because of his rude and impolite attitude. Where this is coming from I have no idea, but I feel he lacks a certain sense of appreciation for the Indian Grandmaster.

  18. The amount of courage it takes to be so vocal on Russia's current regime is astounding. Truly putting his life on the line with his words.
    That second last question was cringeworthy. Garry handled it well given the circumstances

  19. Refreshing to actually hear a person's honest opinions and criticisms, this makes this interview quite interesting. 

  20. Thank  you Mato for all your videos

    Garry have that inches to make diference in the board and life.

    Iván Moreno from México

  21. While Kasparov was one of the best chess players of all time, he was a nerd! Those who have known him up close know that he did not have a LIFE beyond chess. So, for a chess nerd to talk about how chess imitates LIFE, is totally an act of extrapolation. I think you might be a genius in one domain and have little or no idea about "LIFE". So Kaspy should just stick to playing chess….rather commentating on chess…since he has moved on from chess too.  

  22. I think it is very hard to be involved in other activities than chess when you do it on super-grandmaster- and world-champion-level. Despite of this I don´t think Kasparov is a nerd. On the contrary. I think he´s a very intelligent, humble, realistic, honest and charismatic man. But I also think that many people is feeling jaloux and inferior, when they see how brilliant he is as a chessplayer and as a humanbeing. They accuse him of being ego-centric and not very willing to admit mistakes. Well this interview is an example of the opposite. Many people envied Fischer too, so it is in fact an old story. The same thing with a german grandmaster (Richard Weizecker I think his name is) accusing Magnus Carlsen for not being a better player than Anand and wanting proof of this by having Carlsen playing against a computer. I say stop being envious when you should be admiring these people´s genius and contributions to chess and mankind.

  23. Somewhere in this interview Kasparov in fact says, that he´s very good at admitting mistakes. He says that he has always followed Mikhail Botvinnik´s advice. You analyze, you find a mistake and you confess. You must be objective. He certainly wouldn´t have survived for 20 years in the chessworld if he had never admitted mistakes. He also says that he has made all sorts of mistakes in life. In every life there´s waste of time he says even in his own. So to those of you who can´t stop all your unfair criticism against Kasparov should stop all of it after this interview.

  24. Kasparov was the greatest of all champions. He was born before the computer age, but learned how to use them as nobody else did.His games are masterpieces. 

  25. I wonder why chess terminology imitates the terminology of free masonry, like grand master, check squares, etc?
    Jesus said call no one master on earth for there is only one Master, Him.
    Putin will play his part in Daniels prophesies.
    Without Jesus, life is empty, meaningless and won't count for anything in the end.

  26. They could not have chosen an interviewer any worse than this woman. Despite that much of enthusiasm and passion from Kasparov, she essentially kills the interview by her redundant questions and remarks, as well as her gestures.

  27. It's weird to hear Kasparov's "British accent" come out on those "o's". I guess he listened to a lot of British English while learning the language. Does anyone know how this came about?

  28. what you need to make chess fun is incentives, add bitcoin, just like poker, where multiple parties add it into a pot, and split it from 1 to 10. online.

  29. What I love about Garry is that he is extremely honest, he is always ready to accept the facts even if they are most unpleasant.

  30. Kasparov expected a loud big round of claps at 1:17:36… But he found out half of them were already sleepy…

  31. What is wrong with this interviewer, she seems to have preconceived notions about what he should answer, and when his answers don’t fit her own thoughts, she questions him and laughs… what kind of an interview is that!?

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