(ซับไทย) Resident Evil 6 Ep.20 Iluzija อสรพิษล่องหน

(ซับไทย) Resident Evil 6 Ep.20 Iluzija อสรพิษล่องหน

cheri what are you doing here I’m on protective detail yeah I heard you became an agent why are you here we’re tracking the man behind all this chief security adviser Simmons there must be some sort of mistake I report to Simmons he’s your supervisor we’re on our way to meet with him right now where is he I need to know let me handle this your orders were to avoid contact with anyone Leon’s not just anyone he saved my life back in Raccoon City there are enough lay on the plane again friend of yours more like an ex-girlfriend guy doesn’t know when to quit welcome to the club you get used to it my octagon get it a letter I obey me Young Saeng over me young psycho Miami young boy we hike it up until even sweat Hana me it McNown Magnum make them don’t make me I cannot either I even member camtonz hana-chan saga like honey vanilla take it from us this guy’s are destructible I better no one’s man get on nearly adenine orbital tab power law in Malaga developer channel I love working tip here he Olli when you’re like get there okay okay if you might okay so little it had won me over okay palm okay I think I can fix this sherry by the Capitoline polenin Oh baby need me back easily how’s he still standing Longman man that one Oh and I keep to actually tell me okay you can come jumped at Manila moving more like a hill linked upon you down each other what is anti-aging hi hi in can height take a time for moon got man there you’re exaggerating right now this Emir we gotta make things easy for a monument I’m a pound more you’ve been hammer time lobster coming along if calm hey Morgan antique Whanganui a panini I even money and young are you doing a Tony mm let me girl Emma watch your lip look what let me think Daniel I Gabi don’t want you in my zone common even IRA let me hunt that make me my name is it give me one more thing woman that’s where I’m meeting with Simmons sherry listen until we get there I need you are they gonna be alright let’s just hope that Jake is as good as he thinks he is Resident Evil 6 captain we can’t let them go our mission is to terminate the bill WS but the umbrellas after I said our mission is to terminate the Bo w’s me drama after that bo w it is not getting away with this captain please you need to think things through obviously depend on T ho density Krishna why didn’t he call dr. heimbach surely cup take T to normal I’ll timeline after a crystal ball Palakkad can come Jacobi or do some hand wanna knock duplicate from Lonnie opportunity HQ bo could a morally empty my come with you come with non out there I can’t move any shit that’s no way to go out Daniel – dong-hyuk normal soon ceremony yay find a guitar Islander to be inferred you snap on one but that car doesn’t turn out how could look from the Ottoman Empire here this hike home and he elegant on here from well how much how much he died not that you can’t he take a little money from German who can fire fun a quantum little drop-down firing that’s the target show itself you guys like lift up in the hand and no abuse Ayla – hi mother my boo come eat a hider captain twigs there are what the hell were you thinking pulling a kamikaze still like that these are my men you follow my leader I’ll find someone who will do you even hear yourself fine soldier you heard the man let’s move how is supposed to drop this thing if we can’t even see it shut up and keep moving a new back long horn air moves the payoff could be really bad an autonomous Roger only active our metal a tap-in lalomanu from here what’s up allotment a live operator in Kentucky it’s not here either secret we didn’t work oh my gosh I’m home again what at Alinea enjoy meet Hannah this shit’s in the way give me a hand don’t come well but isn’t one everyone reported gonna hold yourself Marco where are you second floor oh shit I think that things here target is on the second floor y’all need to come here now we left the secretary more dipped in a song hey Marco don’t move hold your position do you hear me that’s an order Ramon Cortines in tears I’m a whole issue enough the wire Chris Papa Hamburg I mean Michael a nomination song EP s ee sama halal ah and do that till we find that piece of shit and we put it down fast and hard poor bastard come on where are you son of a bitch I’m usually face hmm nice what am i long for me man to man the honky Tonk I don’t even know the between comida oh man we drain it in the Chi but more luck about the military who and so more makyo neighbor because I’m corner Hanoi who died on me I think it went through there captain one company rule of a net harm peloton I’m harvesting the outing me I repeat a more to Allah nice Monday night learning by Laura you need underneath we will mentally your pie come on yeah anyhow I’m Keith I got in choppy lunk I’ll agree yeah again I would like the shadow cactus I mean hanging your noise on heat mortal our open now after it I know a ladies night in it like Amazon it the bunch of Moon which again they told me all wo Hidayat what you will have I like it I check that vo w toughen up or something questions are doing anything and we have to find something that will get a nice little office money a figure honey we made on happen Sarita hi I’m Marco power this thing up John belong kappa ouya Ilana okay Marco I’m hoping even I’ll be back Oh alchemy well at least we got it but no waiter yet I’m not gonna rest until we had her head on a stick this is crazy it’s not safe in here we need to pull out captain looking for me boys welcome to join wait got no choice we have to kill him he’d do the same for us our Lord Oh time I hope I can hold it don’t you go man man oh you love me let me get bleep up man ain’t no young yummy rice yummy ice maybe not entirely not more because I’m gonna pop back I’m a man good oh my horse like I can open a Sheila Boyd Laborde Hong live with deliberate but the Willing in people I’m gonna make a bow on it thank you hiding my holding my name the tackle of Hong Kong Chris we need to stay calm after what she’s done to us how many of our men are dead because of that bags I’m right there with you captain but your personal vendetta isn’t gonna get us anywhere if you hadn’t been blinded by vengeance we could have prevented some of those deaths do you even care about our mission anymore what happened the legendary Chris Redfield honey what happened to you it’s a good thing fix automatic see you this way I’m going after ADA HQ this is alpha leader I need a location I need a Wang you’re going with you someone’s got to keep an eye on you whether you want them to or not Resident Evil 6

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