उड़ने वाले सांप / Flying Snake real video in the world

उड़ने वाले सांप / Flying Snake real video in the world

The imagination of flying snakes has been the subject of our admiration for centuries are the flying snakes actually on this earth and if so .. how is it flying without feathers? In this video we are going to tell you about flying snakes It has been said that such snakes have been seen since ancient times but they have no evidence But when the scientists reached the dense rain forests they found that the fly snake was not mere imagination but they existed on this earth Scientists photographed them as a proof and also made videos The scientists found that such snakes exist but in the entire world it is found only in the rain forests of South Asia This snake capable of flying is related to the Chrysopelia breed although only five species of this snake have the ability to fly These snakes are 3 to 4 feet long and they live on tall trees These snakes fly from one tree to another tree In this way, it can reach up to a maximum of 350 feet However, some scientists consider their move to jump from one tree to another, regardless of their action But most scientists say it is wrong to believe that a jump is possible because 350 feet is very distant Monkeys who are most suited for leaping can also jump up to a few feet However, we can consider it the jump or flying but scientists were worrying and surprised that how the snakes accomplish this action, while there is no winged structure Research was going on for several decades but no meaningful conclusion was reached by scientists But after a lot of research the curtain was unfolded from this mystery Scientists knew this from the beginning that those snake who know the fly they specialize in changing their shape to fly But how do they do this After detailed research on this for the first time, it came to light that these flying snakes flattened its body from head to tail towards the tail while leaping from one tree to another In this shape, it can move its ribs in the direction of the head towards the front and backwards towards the spine. These width doubles in this stage and by cross section they get a special shape over the air, so they are able to fly

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  1. यह सांप उड़ता नहीं छलांग लगाता है , मैंने अपने आंखों से देखा है, झारखंड गोड्डा,।

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