تقدر تلعب شطرنج ثلاثي؟؟!!

How to get rid of the chess spectator who speaks a lot ? ♫ Intro music ♫ Simply, let him play (Three player chess ) with you. A six sides board for three teams You attack the two other teams with your team. The difference between classic chess and three player chess That you can win in the classic chess by applying a traditional plan. It’s different in three player chess. If you are applying a plan on the other player , how about the third player ?! The third one can stop your plan. You win in classic chess by doing (checkmate). You have to capture the king in the three player chess to can lose !! You have to capture the king in the three player chess to can win. It’s possible that the third person stop your plan while capturing the king. It’s an exciting game with no classic plans. As the existing plans are only for the classic chess. Three chess website is good at this service on web and for mobile (Android and soon ios ). So you can play it easily. When you open three player chess website , you have many options to play (Anonymous game , vs computer , or a custom game) And you can play a tournament. You can challenge and train yourself by playing vs computer. The question of the episode to the classic chess professionals. How can you put eight queens in a traditional board (without being captured) ? Leave us your answer in the comments and on
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