Шахматы: Виши Ананд оценил благородство Баадура Джобавы!

Шахматы: Виши Ананд оценил благородство Баадура Джобавы!

This chess game was
played in the World Blitz Championship
in the seventh round. Vishy Anand played White, Baadur Jobava played black.
In The position on the screen White moved Bb2 black
protect the knight with move c5, white played B:d4. c:d followed, Qb3 and it turns out,
that Black can not defend the d5-pawn they moved Bf6 and White took the pawn Q:d5. After that Anand
switches the clock, but his time keeps going.
According to the rules, his opponent can not
say that his time is going, but here
the situation is quite different: the clock is faulty .
Jobava could be wait until the flag on the Anand’s clock falls and declare about victory, but he did not do it.
Look, Jobava presses the Anand’s clock button
and after movee Rg7 proposes a draw. Opponents agreed to a draw. because the clock was faulty.
If we estimate the position, which originated
after move Q:d5, it objectively, in
White’s favor. Could black, giving
pawn d5, align the game? Yes, after the 33rd
move of white Qb3, It had
not move Bf6, Black should move Rg6 and after the move Q:d5,
Rd6 In this case
passed pawn d balances
a white passed pawn a. Want to play chess
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