Шахматный вундеркинд Уэсли Со и его тактика!

Шахматный вундеркинд Уэсли Со и его тактика!

Wesley So is an
American GM, but
He was born and grew up in Philippines. He is a strongest
chessplayer in the history of the Philippines. Wesley So is known as
a chess Wunderkind. He won the title of GM in 2008
year of age fourteen. And this game was
played in 2007 Here is a more stronger the move Re8 which reduces
pressure of white in the center. The game after move
e6, White can to lead e4-e5 successfully. d:e f:e and e5 the strike in the center Nfd5 also it is possible
next variant d:e and after f:e Nd7 Bg5, White has a
strong attack Qe8, Ne4 N:e5, N:e5, B:e5 and R:f8+ Q:f8 Qh4 Nd5 and Rf1 It turns out that all the peaces
involved in the White’s attack, while two black’s peaces remains in the start
positions. Qe8, c4, Nb4 and Bh6 N:d3 Nf6+, Bf6 and after Q:f6 black cann’t
protect himself against checmates threats Qd7 and Qf8# Now this variant was
possible after 11-th move of white e5 But instead of d:e Black played Nfd5, they didn’t get this variant. Ne4 and N:f4 it seems that the white
lose a pawn, but in fact, it is not
So. B:f4 R:f4 and N:d6 White occupys
outpost. This is a very strong square in the enemy’s camp. Nd5 Qg3 and Qf8 there was also
possible the variant c4 and after Ne7 Qe3 Rf8 and white
won a pawn Q:c5 But Wesley So decides
to try another way. Qg3 Qf8 also it was possible to move
B:e5 for balck but after N:e5 Q:d6 R:f4, N:f4, Q:f4 black
stayed without a piece If black is not
to take a knight Q:d6, and played,
for example, R:f1+, then after R:f1 Q:d6 they would get the checkmate. B:g6 and after h:g Q:g6+, Kh8 Nf7 # That is why at the 15th
move Black did not take a pawn B:e5 and played Qf8 Rae1 followed Ne7 Ng5, R:f1 R:f1 and Nf5 B:f5 and black play g:f why black
didn’t take a bishop by the pawn e e:f becouse Qb3+
would followed and it turns out that
Black’s f7-square is very weak. It attacks by two knights of White and
the diagonal a2-g8 weak too. After Qb3+
the same combination could be follow Which occurred in the game. but more
beautiful After g:f White played R:f5 !! In this position, the black
resigned, as they get a checkmate in seven
moves After the e:f, Qb3 + Kh8, Ndf7+ Kg8 Nh7+ Kh8, Ngf7+ the queen is forced to take a knight Q:f7 N:f7+, Kg8 Nh6+, Kh8 and Qg8 # That’s how magnificently Wesley So played at the age of 14! Put like and subscribe! See you!

11 thoughts on “Шахматный вундеркинд Уэсли Со и его тактика!

  1. Отличный канал. Голос приятный. Ты не в пустую работаешь. Многим людям ОЧЕНЬ нравится. Один из интереснейших каналов по шахматам.

  2. Не ну красиво конечно – но блин после хода е6 даже я бы выйграл – очевидный подрыв центра и получаем по сути выйграную позицию )) Правда я бы время просрочил нафиг пока выдумывал такие красоты))

  3. отвратительное видео. автор говорить как надо играть нужно. покажи сперва партию полностью, потом делай анализ партий, а так фигова смотреть очень

  4. ты сразу вариант Со подал бы людям. А то 3-4 варианта дал в начале которые в компьютере через программу посмотрел. через программу и сами можем посмотреть. Ты вариант Со сразу давай. настолько запутал людей.

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