Что делать с дубликатами ЛЕГЕНД в PES 2020 Mobile | Очевидное решение

Что делать с дубликатами ЛЕГЕНД в PES 2020 Mobile | Очевидное решение

hi hi hi pesers and with you
walrus long-awaited video on the sand is not so often now release but speak
especially nothing to discuss rumors about about the 20th part of the official information to
Unfortunately the cat cried but I would like to talk about that thing
which need 20 parts in my opinion in letters bail because because with this
for a long time you need to do something of course Of course, we will talk about many legends
consider legends this is the most top content in the game i’m absolutely with that
I agree it should be content maximum level you need to go to this
which you need to strive for it should It’s difficult to be, but we have like you
you know there is such garbage that we have a market as such, therefore, if you
teeth of a legend fall out it can only or or follow the trainer and pump
same legend and not a fact that will give normal experience either
collecting three doubles change to normal black ball if it’s a black legend and it’s
of course complete nonsense why am I three legendary players who seem to be more
rare steeper can only change on a regular player plus of course 90
part of a very strong blow to legends inflicted purple players with the wildest my
ratings and legends somehow moved to second plan
I want to offer an option now which, as it seems to me, it seems so to me
rectify the situation and if still somehow some kind of manager
konami watching me what is called take a pen, write then you give it away
get your idea award I absolutely do not pretend to me
the main thing is that our game develops for me the main thing is that she gets better
of course my suggestion is basically aimed at old players because
the beginner is unlikely to gather enough the number of takes of legends he has them and so
not so much there 10 let’s say damn although this is really a lot therefore this one to
my suggestion is more focused on old lats players of the so-called
who have already gathered a lot of things and high-level content in our game in
In principle, there’s not much for them, but these players are important these players make up
main skeleton players of plays therefore their desire I consider
also need to consider what is the essence of my suggestions guys then naturally I
chose him and from other games on the experience of other games and
added my logic and how how do i it seems like it should work i think
It’s not a secret to any of you that in FIFA there are three options for each legend that is
young and middle variant age and let the option at the peak of form
let’s call it so 3 legends with three different ratings
I suggest entering something like this in a dog but getting these legends done wrong
like fifi so no since marvel if you know where this joke put like in
In general, I will bring it all to Cruyff’s example of my favorite legend is already
part 3 in a row the coolest character top-end dude so here for a look
from the packs you fall the legend that is marked with the letter t 1 but
I was so comfortable terrier call it levels but we already have
in the level of pumping to not confusion
that is, from while you catch the legend tr1 if you have two tier-1 legends
you can combine them and get legend they are 2 whose ranking
the rating will be higher by two so you two doubles
make one legend but as if the next stages of evolution in my opinion it will be in
the principle is correct and it will be quite interestingly similar if
you have two legends marked tier duo you can do a merge and get
legends tr3 which will get another plus 2 to overall rating thus blood at
95 we have it at the maximum rate at the maximum level of pumping will be able
be 99 if it will be like 3 mergers what we
baby 3 mergers you will need to essentially 4 usually cruises that is two ordinary
merge we get they are two two more conventional merge we get they are 22
they are a 2 merge we get they are t3i you tell me right now, sticks can
and what is crazy and blood is cool he there will be an incredible fight at all
ranking 99 do i get it on let’s all in order now we are on
on your screen you see a comparison of stats Cruyff at such here pumping hto is
the first column is the maximum it is on ranking of the 95th stats the second column is
on rating 97 the third column on rating 99 all stats are taken from the base
data cunt bass and if the blood swung for a long time such
indicators then such stats would have he were
if I ask, will I ever tell how to do it how to look it all in
in general, the numbers are real so you can compare see ability to attack in
move with 90 94 which ball from 92 well up to 95
rowing from 95-99 give improvement but they not so dramatic that right here
change the cut patterns in the game and make from a good player right
m boom that is, in general, there is an improvement but they are too much on the gaming
balance will not affect though a little Of course, we’ll influence
get good if there is such system let’s say let me as usual
I say always let’s say as usual only my opinion which is always possible
dispute then the first first plus is of course
competitiveness i.e. legends will be able to compete in purple
players because you yourself know u purple players wildly overrated
and legends, of course, excuse me these guys for a long time already everyone has proved everything to everyone and
changes wildly just yanks on the fact that cuts has a rating of less than
some louis alberto and either desheli fox monaco but damn it nonsense
so if you introduce it so similar pumping system
this will give legends a second life they will increase the rating and therefore they
will be able to compete with purple the second card is donat and
naturally in any game there are players who do not want to waste time but with
this they want to have the very most best here too please want
support the project support it with the ruble throw money on the pack so that
way to catch the right legend and get the third merger don’t see this
nothing bad who does not need it please don’t throw it away you saw
fasting there right there is not much breakthrough there it will be a little bit better but I especially
the third, of course, will be freed from us I’ll let that hamster sit and I don’t
I want to click legends therefore all I keep doubles they occupy me there
already in my 80 places or or 90 places shorter than the place I really now
very much needed and legends take so I would do a merge and
calmly cleaned but also added to himself empty seats for some other more
interesting players Well, the last one is for many players
there would be a goal of the game, now we have the goal of the game is very blurry
composition but it was all fast with purple players all this garbage
over the top super-level content to go to
long enough because even 4 takes legends are difficult to catch and
the player will play a farm game and to open packs to heat up and
catch this take for to get the most maximum
what is called the cherry on the cake itself the taste of this game these are my thoughts
guys it seems to me that this system my opinions could work as
usually write in the comments read maybe you have a lot more
interesting offers of course i can’t in my head in india
accommodate everything and I’m naturally not a prophet whose words are true I am pleased
I will listen to you, of course I will answer Well, subscribe to the second channel there
i go through others it’s also very quite there
even suitable for many like many like I will tell you so on this perhaps
I will finish with you was a march I hope on your support like and comment
adds pros fed until new meetings guys
bye bye I have league

42 thoughts on “Что делать с дубликатами ЛЕГЕНД в PES 2020 Mobile | Очевидное решение

  1. morj privet,vcelom idea tak sebe.vpes vsio tak zaputali shto ochen slojna shtota ispravliat,pomoimu, reiting nichevo neznachet patamu i nepapadaet b.badiashile vmoi asnavnoi sastav.pro reitingax iadumaiu vpes takoi abesnenie shto b.badiashile luche igraet v zashitu chem kruif igral vnapadenie.saglasen stoboi, kakoita joao felix imeit totje reitin shto i kruif, ieta grubeishaia ashibka.kakvsegda laik!

  2. Как по мне, лучше сделать так: черные легенды должны быть 95+, золотые 85+ а фиолетовые до 95. Обычные черные до 93 . Что бы легенда всегда была дороже всех! А вот по поводу обмена, то думаю нужно убрать вообще его. Игре нужен рынок, только он даст жизнь игре.

  3. Морж пропиарь пж если не тяжело я начинающи ютюбер пж пропиарь

    (Он проигнорит?)

  4. Не согласен. При твоём раскладе, легенды станут со временем на хуй не нужными. Конами начнёт засыпать новых игроков легендами, что бы они догоняли старых игроков и опять будут стоны как с фиолетом. Лучше слелать обмен 3 на 1,а для легенд придумать специальные турниры или ивенты для фарма каких нибудь топ наград. Но это мечты).

  5. Хорошая шутка про «Легенды топ контент» учитывая что люди фармят GP и имеют миллионы( я бы ограничил фарм GP до 500тысяч не больше) и ещё ограничил бы игру в Дивизионах ( 1 дивизион в день а то и 5 матчей в день 1 дивезион в 2 дня) и паки с Легендами только за золото (плюс челендж на 3 задания с бесплатными пакиами с Легендами 3 пака и всё) Вот тогда Легенды топ контент а не фарм/задрот контент.

  6. Конами, ставьте жирный лайк за идею, и воплощайте в жизнь. И чтобы было где играть этими легендами, чтобы бонусы за них были выше, чем у фиолетовых

  7. 1% на черный мяч, 5% на золото. Гарантированно 1 золото раз в 30 паков и 1 черный раз в 50. Никаких дравбоксов. Полное обнуление. Ивенты которые зависят от скила. Пусть они буду на сложности легенда, но пусть они не будет с завышеными статами противника и не режет твой тим спирит.
    И уберут пусть эти блядские контракты и менеджеров.

  8. эту прокачку ты бы сделал для легенд или для всех карт (кроме фиалок)?

  9. Бля лучше будет 3 легенды обмен на другую Легенду! Такой вариант как у тебя чисто цифры, ну не почувствуешь разницу между Кройф 95 и 97

  10. Морж, Напиши конами В службу поддержки! Свою идею! Ну лучше добавь т1+т1+т1=т2 Ну ты меня понял

  11. надо чтоб тренеров норм сделали чтоб во время игры могли бы тактику менять

  12. Бля нахуя и так не интересно стало играть лучше даже убрать всех черных и золотые тока оставить вот тогда норм а максимальный рейтинг сделать до 88 и всё лично это мое мнение

  13. господи успокойся малой я целый год играю и кройф мне выпал только совсем недавно какие 3 слияния

  14. лучше бы сделали трансфер чтоб можно было меняться игроками с реальными людьми вот это было бы и реально и круто, а твои слияния это детская фигня

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