hello again the second review on
German branch PATRIK HERRMANN the right winger will review guys
go shock today I have a second review
or rather, shock night, see stats to me everything is in doubt except
possession of the ball 123 well can give strength hit 106 will help him but try
how he will show himself, see again level 12
boosts and 100 pumping with us plus minus the same basic indicators at 93 ovr nineteenth boost and there and there comes out 118 if he doesn’t have enough, well, I
probably sure that I’m not enough I’ll pump it to the hundredth level and so moments show what could be
hit the crossbar well it was me times three
and where there was still a crossbar for some reason I didn’t record
then no matter how hard I try hit but it is also wrong
guys it didn’t work out, I’m already very tried hard everything flew
and what happens with this PATRIK HERRMANN he know there is Ukrainian from expression to
“fucked up” all that he will not give he all forgets who he stands in front of them
bypasses i don’t understand what happened but i already that I just didn’t do it for me
scored he passed circumvented the defense I already scoffed at the goalkeeper but
the second pole quarrel there was still one did not sign up most likely
look, I will now show that I already done
I stupidly mocked them then the goalkeeper forced out go around the goalkeeper scored in
empty net I don’t know what it was possibly in statistics but in numbers
or look, I’m just mocking me goalkeeper defending us he beats, well, I would not say that there
there are especially impact forces there is no ball hovering in the air see everything flies well
perhaps due to the fact that I have already retested a lot players
maybe because of this I already have anyone scores – even if disabled and see
I’m just circling myself in this box and then I hammer
maybe ownership can still be affected because of this that possession of the sword 123 is difficult for him to take
I score the ball in an empty net maybe this parameter I somehow do not
paid attention to him here now look again
empty net I don’t know that so i don’t see the point of it then
pump it will be cheap and the Bundesliga can take it for yourself
try 93 ovr without shaking if there is something else you can him
sell but you see from the picture that everything flies
such miracles happen his right work leg and rating
non-working 4 stars in principle this enough guys to be honest I have a little
misunderstanding what happened comment be sure to subscribe
put likes on the channel describe maybe someone from you already
tested it what are your impressions I while in thought
you were an anarchist with all the best and see you soon


  1. Добрый вечер Анархист) Можете сказать Саинт-Максимин 88 рейтинга крутой?

  2. Хотелось бы услышать всё-таки мнение про вратарей, кого лучше сейчас ставить?

  3. Olá, sou do Brasil. E espero que vc entenda minha lingua, Gostaria que você me mandasse um sslve pra mim!!! Espero que vc traduza esta menssgem!! Bjs do BRAZIL,BRAZIL.

  4. Не знаю как Мане Тоти ведет себя в РА,но в равной игре я играл против него и он был немного похож на этого хермана. Тоже мяч отобрать очень сложно если встречать. Только сопровождать и ждать уязвимого момента

  5. Я думаю продолжить обзор лп например мне бы был интересен Muniain 91 из ла лиги

  6. Сделай обзор на ЦП Delaney, из футбольного морозу
    Он интересней чем Демирбай

  7. Сделай обзор на обычную карточку. Олсон или как там его не помню. Он в Серии А играет. На позиции пв

  8. Привет. Міняти Феліпе Андерсона 95) из боксинг дея на Максиміна? 88 ( дякую )

  9. Слышал об игроке деулофеу пв 79 из апл боксинг дей по статам лучше мане тоти кроме удара но бьёт хорошо и скорость на 90 117 какого ты о нём мнения было бы интересно узнать

  10. А почему Херманн? Игрок довольно скучный, плюс есть Хавертц. Да и бундес мало у кого. Есть более интересные футбики.

  11. Сделай пожалуйста обзор на skriniar, по статам он бюджетный де лигт утоти.

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