обзор Dr Neubauer KILLER PRO EVO – еще более быстрая версия бестселлера коротких шипов

обзор Dr Neubauer KILLER PRO EVO – еще более быстрая версия бестселлера коротких шипов

My greetings to all
table tennis lovers! Hello! In this video we are going to try short
pips by Dr. Neubauer – Killer Pro Evo. Three names in one. There was rubber Killer, then rubber
with harder sponge, but with the same
speed, – Killer Pro – was created. And here we have faster
rubber – Killer Pro Evo. Read, please, info on the package. – Yes, here it’s said, in Ukrainian, that this rubber is more… – What?! Okay, in English, that this rubber
is faster, more powerful version of
faster and more powerful Killer Pro, which is faster and more
powerful version of Killer. Don’t presume on this, as Killer and Killer Pro
have the same speed, but Killer Pro is harder. We’ve tried them, so you may watch
the videos, and there were few differences. We didn’t find any speed differences. But here it’s said that the rubber is more
powerful and faster, so we need to try it. And the sponge is blue, to make difference. We are going to try on Dr. Neubauer
World Champion Carbon. it’s very controlling, Off blade. Red side is 2.0 mm, and we put
on this side Killer Pro Evo. And black one is 1.5 mm,
so we will see the difference. And we will see whether this rubber
is so fast and powerful, as it’s said. Let’s start with pushing. It’s interesting, that if to consider pips series of
Dr. Neubauer: medium pips Aggressor, K.O.. K.O. has less grip, Aggressor – more. And Killer has even more grip, than Aggressor. So in pushing with Aggressor
you have no-spin high ball. And it’s hard to return such a ball. Here is also grip, and you can’t serve underspin. As there is not much grip,
it’s very controlling. You may hit the ball, drop-short,
push, that’s you may make it
easier than with Aggressor or K.O.. And it also was easier for you,
as you made very few mistakes. Yeah. So, yeah, you might receive
no-spin balls, but they differ. There were no-spin balls,
but they had little spin, and it was comfortable for you to return. I played against raising ball near
the table, as Dr. Neubauer recommends, and we did so there Pushings don’t fill the belly, so let’s try drives. I wouldn’t like to play drive
against player with such pips. It’s more trouble than it is worth. You know, I started to feel
the difference between its sides. In pushing 2.0 mm and
1.5 mm are almost the same, and in drive 2.0 mm is more comfortable,
but with 1.5 mm the balls are more unpleasant for the opponent. And 1.5 mm is more
controlling, though it’s faster. As you saw Sergei returned many balls,
so show like you were returning. Something like this. If to play counterattack, the ball will
end in the net, as the ball is floating. So you need to open the racket. Sergei
added spin FH, as the ball was under the net level, and BH he opened the racket,
though it took some time to get used. Yeah, about three hours. So drive with Killer Pro Evo
is wining in drive against drive. We are going to try topspins now. And Dr. Neubauer says there is destructive blocks, like with all the Killers. So, let’s try and see. Blocks. As you see, I’m out of breath. But Maxim isn’t. I was blocking after all. Blocks have an interesting structure. It’s not enough to just place the racket, but if to direct, the ball is floating. It wasn’t easy to you, as you are
a master and had to sweat. Don’t complement me. Sergei had to work hard. Also I felt
difference between sponges. With red side the ball is faster,
but simpler. There were fewer mistakes. Black rubber sponge is thinner,
and it was easier for me to direct,
but it might depend on the blade. It’s just my thoughts aloud. Sergei, what may you say about heavy loops? If not to touch the ball with the racket,
it’s impossible to do placement with any rubber. I played really heavy loops,
so it was hard to return it. I was surprised when you played placement. Yeah, if to place, the ball is also floating. It’s important to return the ball in
another angle, as Sergei hit back, but return in match game
for opponent to miss the ball. Also the ball was unpleasant for the opponent,
but not desperately, so you may serve loop,
as the rubber is very
controlling in blocks, and this rubber is not so
disruptive as K.O. or Aggressor. Now we are going to try BH blocks, as many players: amateurs and
professionals play Killers BH. So let’s see how it shows in BH blocks. I would recommend to push high ball BH, not passive placement, but push, the ball becomes no-spin,
opponent will serve high loop, so you will have opportunity to score. About the difference: 1.5 mm is more controlling,
so you have more options in opening. And with 2.0 mm you should be
more accurate, and do short moves. So. for short movements
you may use 2.0 mm. Sergei, which ball did you receive? Traditionally unpleasant,
uncomfortable, nasty balls. You say it all the time. Should someone play
opening attack with them? Yeah, let’s try. Opening attack FH and BH. Is it comfortable to start with them? Opening attack. Let’s see. Opening attack was comfortable
to me, it wasn’t fast, but… if you take opening attack passively,
the next ball becomes more difficult. It’s when you know when you
play against opening attack. Of course. Because when it was unprepared
opening attack, you missed the ball. If you want to smash,
you should have technique skills. As for directing and other,
if to spin the ball or serve no-spin one, you may make things hard
for opponent both FH and BH. BH playing was similar to Aggressor and K.O., when you open the racket and spin a little, and it’s
easier to play opening attack with Killer Pro Evo. As for FH you also require some skills. as you may return at once,
or open the racket if the racket is low
and serve the ball at low trajectory. You need to push into the empty angle
or into opponent’s elbow if you
receive the passive ball, and smash. Opening attack is good. Defenders may
play, to maul opponent, by interchanging
opening attack and pushings. Or playing superheavy underspin.
Or making opponent attack to play blocks. Or by playing counterattacks.
I would like to show FH counterattack. BH counterattack is just simple
controlling move forward. But FH you may use your legs and serve
the ball higher than the net, and score. Let’s see. Have you felt promised destructive
strength of the rubber against loops? – I would say…
– Like classics say? I liked, that it reminded block,
which you should move forward. You needn’t pick out the angle,
just the trajectory, like in any
counterattack with either pips or pips-in, as the ball may be too high or too low,
so you have to move the racket forward. You needn’t spin, as the ball may fall,
so just push forward from the table. There was good speed, by the way. And then you may have
good ball to return or smash. As for difference between sponges,
it was comfortable for me with both sides. 2.0 is clearly faster, but I hadn’t
a feeling that any sponge is better. I may add that it’s hard
to play the second loop, if you play against counterattack
coming, you may lose one point. Yeah, and it’s hard to estimate
the spin and the ball overfly. The balls are fast and
you have no time to estimate. I’m not a defender,
but we accidentally found out, that in far zone, where you can’t
counterspin, so you should chop. Now I’m going to show, as it’s Off
blade, how to chop in far zone. As you saw, you may
defense with this rubber. I even failed more. Let’s conclude. It’s the third
generation of the rubber, so why do people have to buy Pro Evo? You know, both Killer and Killer Pro are popular, but latest developments of Dr. Neubauer
are in way of sponges and speed. Here we have faster sponge. It’s fast,
but softer than Killer Pro’s sponge. It’s only my subjective opinion,
maybe the thing is with the soft blade. All the modern movements:
counterattacks, no-spin serves,
way out, control, serve against rising ball, all they are first-class. The world is developing, so Dr. Neubauer
managed to get to such high control and speed. It’s an interesting rubber,
and Killer-players will love it. It’s worth buying and trying. What is the difference between 1.5
and 2.0 mm. Who will each be suitable? You know, it’s a difficult question,
as both sides are good. I wouldn’t put on 2.0 mm on blade Off+
or Off++, as it’d be hard to reach control. Especially in counterattacks
and blocks. 1.5 mm would be better for counterattacks and
blocks, the balls may be diving and more disruptive. 2.0 mm’d be better for such
controlling blade, Off, Off- or All+. 2.0 mm has shooting effect,
and is good for smash. So, 2.0 on slow blade is
the same as 1.5 mm on fast one? No, there are some peculiarities.
On 2.0 the sponge shoots. The ball is different, and the speed
is more comfortable with 2.0 mm. And 1.5 mm is more comfortable
for smashing, slashing serve. And such a move requires some skills. Well, it depends on blade. All+ allows playing
with almost no technique, like you do. So, why is it named Evo? There is a legend by Dr. Neubauer,
when they created Killer and Killer Pro, there were problems with the name. Herbert, and sons, and top-managers are sitting
at the round table and thinking about the name. There were different variants,
Killer Pro II. What may be better? And they decided to name the rubber
after the first word said in that room. There was complete silence, and
the secretary came in with coffee. She stumbled and poured out all
the coffee on one of the managers. And he screamed: “Evo!–“. So it happened to be the first word said there. Luckily, the first word was “Evo”
and not other curse words. Who knows, we’d have very interesting name here. We are Maxim Cherepnin
and Sergei Baranovskii, See you in the next videos!

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