Best Ping Pong Shots 2018

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Why you need to RELAX when playing table tennis (Secrets from the Bundesliga)

Many people which are playing table tennis amateur or half professional they are forgetting to relax during the playing. They start to be too stiff in the body. They are too stiff in the underarm. We cannot forget the ball is only 2.7 grams. We don’t need unbelievable lot of power to put ball over […]


OH MY GOD What up DK gang its about to get real so if you’ve seen my twitter you already know what’s coming already know We got some snakes not real I mean come on I ain’t that crazy But that’s the point De’arra supposed to think I’m crazy I did it with the tarantula […]

26-Pound Gummy Python is a 7 foot long candy snake!

Hello, guys. This is Roger Wilding, CEO of Giant Gummy Candy, and I’m a huge fan of your commercials. And hopefully, you’ve seen our new giant seven-foot-long gummy snake, and I want you guys to create our national commercial campaign. It’s going to be huge. Seriously, we’re all going to be sipping champ down in […]

HOW TO PLAY SEVEN MEADOWS: A Tableau-Building Strategy Card Game

Hello, and welcome to how to play Seven Meadows, a tableau building strategy card game. Presented by In this video, we’ll begin by describing the game. We’ll show you what comes in the game box, as well as talk about the game objective, point system, game rules and game outcomes. By the end of […]

Snakes Of India Kids Flash Card Game

The Snakes of India Flash Cards by Bay of Life Play, Learn and Identify 44 indian snake species Suitable for children who can read let’s open the cards! The instruction card contains common name, description, length, venom indication Genus, species, conservation status, speed, girth, diet and toxicity Red indicated a venomous snake, white are non […]

Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Dealer Standing Tips

You know, if you play in enough casinos. You will see two different type of black jack layouts of two different instructions or rules. One is dealer stands on all seventeens. Another is dealer stands on hard seventeens. Now what is that mean? Well what that means is when dealer stands on hard seventeens it […]