Cube Draft Masterclass pt2: Send Great Signals

It’s part two of the Cultic Cube draft guide! Today we really get our hands dirty with our first pick as we consider how our drafting decisions influence others and how their choices impact us. Welcome to Cultic Cube, where we cube religiously. We make you better at cube and make your cube better. In […]

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Mage vs. Shaman

Thanks for joining us for another Hearthstone Shoutcast, and this time we’re playing as Jaina Proudmoore, the Mage. We found our opponent let the battle begin. Looks like our opponent is Thrall the Shaman. And Thrall’s going first, got a pretty good hand here for the Mage, Polymorphs pretty strong at killing enemy minions. Looks […]

Cờ tướng đỉnh cao | Hai Xe Chậm Hơn Một Chốt | Two Car Slower One Good

Hello to all of you and you! The award of the God of Smiling Flag 2016 took place from January 22 to January 24, 2016 held in Guangdong, China This is a quick chess tournament, the participating players are all guests, most of them are the kings of China Yes, today would like to introduce […]

【卓球×テニスの王子様】元全日本実業団6位が3種のブーメランスネイクに挑戦したら・・・【おもしろ pingpong】

What the hell just happened? Xia, WRM. Gane, WRM. Today, the prince of table tennis and cartoon tennis I’m a former table tennis player. Boomerang Snake Shot by Kaoru Kaido I’d like to take on the challenge of It’s just not fun to imitate. This time, even those who don’t know table tennis can enjoy […]

❌ Королев – Трушкин 1:3 прогноз|30.03.2020|настольный теннис

greetings to all desktop enthusiasts tennis at 16:00 Moscow time in the pro league Pavel Korolev and Anatoly Trushkin will play between you on the channel mark sports betting and let’s look at statistics Trushkin Anatoly with us met king paul tonight the queen was twice stronger see outplayed with the same score 2 3 […]

Modding a Consumer CRT TV for RGB – Game Sack

(Game Sack Theme) (glass breaking) – Hello and welcome to Game Sack. Yeah, it’s a different looking episode. That’s because I’m in my basement workshop. And with me today is Nick McCracken. Come on in, Nick. How ya doin’? – Good. – So if you’ve been looking for PVM monitors to play your classic video […]

Board Games you Should Pre-Order | #Tabletop Games worth checking out during the quarantine!

Hey Gamers! Are you stuck at home? So are we! We are super bummmed that we can’t head to our friendly local game stores! BUT! Did you know that you can still pre-order games? Here are some great board game titles that are perfect to check out while you are at home! *games slide in […]


hello everyone comeback again with me arstile so at know i would share my last gameplay there is six westler with and mage gameplays thus check it out my video okay at the first we entrence the arena so pick up hero like usually and then at the opening i got it alice , harith […]