Purchasing A Performance License


- Royalties (listed below) are due on all performances of our plays. This includes amateur, professional and school productions as well as auditions, staged readings and informal readings where an audience is present whether it is a paying or non-paying audience. We energetically enforce our copyright.

- Please don't ask us to waive or reduce royalties for school, charity performances or auditions.

- Royalty invoices must be paid within SEVEN DAYS.

- A performance license is required for all productions.

- For theatre groups choosing to perform several of our plays as part of a single production, royalties will never exceed sixty dollars per performance regardless of the number of plays produced.

To request a performance license you must apply APPLY ON-LINE

Once we have received your application we will invoice you via our PayPal account. There are two ways to pay the invoice.

1. By credit card using our PayPal account. There is a Pay Now link on the invoice. (You do not have to be registered with PayPal)

2. Complete our MAIL IN FORM and send it it in with a check.

Upon receipt of your payment we will email you a license to perform the play you have chosen for the number of performances covered by your payment. If you have any questions,please contact us

Bobby's Brain
Caught In The Act
In The Beginning
Opposites Attract
Ruby Of Elsinore
The Real Problem
Under The Balcony
I, Colitus

Justin Thyme Mysteries
"The Prince Formerly Known As Hamlet"
"The Really Big Dog of the Baskervilles"
"The Case of The Tale Told By An Idiot"
"The Case of The Count Formerly Known As Dracula"
"The Big Snooze"
"Alias Cinderella"


$25 for the first performance
$15 for each subsequent performance

Cindy & Julie
Clark And Bruce
GPS - An Auto Erotic Comedy
Hitting On Women
I Can Explain
Loneliness, Despair and Rejection - A Comedy Monologue
Mirror, Mirror
Monster Dating
Nude Scene
One Night Only
Open And Shut Marriage
Out Of His Mind
Out Of Therapy
Pitch and Catch
Prince Charming's Complaint
The Furthers Adventures of Waspwoman
The Masochism Tango
Wham! Bam!
Five Tables


$15 for the first performance
$10 for each subsequent performance

Dating Hamlet
Instructions To The Audience
Jeff vs. Dolores


$10 for the first performance
$5 for each subsequent performance
For larger professional theatres we will provide, via email, the required royalty payments


One Act Plays & Monologues